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Charlotte & Daughters is a bespoke floral studio located in Oakland, California, founded by Charlotte Cox in her ongoing pursuit of floral perfection.  

We provide lush, seasonal floral arrangements for gatherings and celebrations, in addition to weekly arrangements for private clients, restaurants and corporate accounts.

We collaborate with our clients to craft floral designs that enhance the aesthetics of their space and reflect the uniqueness of their spirit.   Sourcing flowers from local growers and sharing the best seasonal offerings, our designs are a reflection of a unique moment in time.    By creating harmony with shape, texture, color and movement, all our designs tell a story. 

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Meet Charlotte

My story begins in the English countryside with my grandmother, Kitty, as we walked down the lane and across the field to the patch of spring bluebells.  After carefully choosing those in full bloom, we retraced our steps back across the field, up the lane and back to her garden where we picked daffodils.  If we were lucky, her daphne or fritillaria was in bloom.   You see my love, my passion, for flowers came from this place.  From hours in the garden and from wandering the countryside observing, touching, creating and building.    

The story continues now in Oakland with my two daughters.  Together we notice, explore and honor our perfectly imperfect natural world.   I find my home working in the creation of a whole from parts, in creating relationships where there were only whispers of connection, and in sharing a passion for the natural beauty all around us.


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